When is Memorial Day 2019, Its Schedule, Celebrations And National Activities 

Considering the importance of the Memorial Day 2019, people have been showing so much interest in this day. They often ask this question that when is Memorial Day 2019? 
However, they do find some answers but those answers are not up to the mark. They don’t satisfy their queries. However, in this article, you will surely find a reasonable answer to your question “When is Memorial Day 2019?”.
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when is memorial day 2019

What is Memorial Day 2019? How Is It Celebrated?

Memorial Day is a well known day but is different from the Veterans Day. However, on this day families decorate the graves of their loved ones and the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during and before the American civil war. Furthermore, on this day there’s a public holiday and people take three days off from work and schools as well. However, people celebrate this day by paying tribute to the martyrs of not only the Civil war but all the wars.
Since Memorial Day is a National Day so it is celebrated on a fixed date every year. Followed by the weekend, Memorial Day is celebrated on May every year. Usually, it is called the long weekend. Therefore the answer to the frequently asked question when is Memorial Day 2019 is, the Memorial Day this year will be celebrated on the 27th of May on Monday.

Famous and Favorite Activities Of The Memorial Day 2019

However, keeping the celebrations of the Memorial Day 2019 in mind people usually celebrate their weekend by doing following activities:

  • Most of the cities and towns organize the Memorial Day parade which comprises of the military people and the veteran organization members.
    However, the largest parades happen in Chicago, New York and Washington, D.C.
  • Most of the people celebrate their day by visiting the memorials and cemeteries.
  • The National Day Concert is also organized at the west lawn of the United States Capitol which is broadcasted all over the country.
  • The flags are usually placed at the half-mast as a sign of the distress and mourning.
  • However, every year exactly at 3 pm National moment of the remembrance takes place and the country falls silent.
  • Meanwhile, on ever y Memorial Day Queen of London unveils the war memorial.
  • This unveiling ceremony is usually followed by Prince Harry’s speech paying tribute to the ones who died for their country.

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