Memorial Day Activities And Suggestions For You How To Spend It

Since Memorial day is a long weekend of the month. People try making plans for it in advance. Some of them start searching the internet to get an idea of the Memorial Day activities. However, they do get a lot of ideas and hints too. However, this article has memorial day activities.

History of  Memorial Day Before We Discuss Memorial Day Activities 

We should focus on the history of Memorial Day first.This will help us to understand Memorial Day activities. Memorial Day was named on May 5, 1868. Grand Army of the Republic General John A. Logan, named this day.  On every last Monday of the month of May, this day is celebrated.

Memorial Day Activities

Memorial Day Activities

People could celebrate this day by performing different memorial day activities

Top 10 Memorial day activities To Do

Hence I hope that the above paragraphs were helpful enough to understand the concept of the Memorial Day. Considering a three-day work, off from offices and school we can have a look at the Memorial Day activities.

1- Considering Saturday as the start of the memorial day weekend you can attend the country’s largest parade. However, try to reach early so that you can view the best of it.

2- You can watch the Motorcycle Rally having 900,000 riders and passes through the West Potomac Park.

3- At National Memorial Day Concert you can salute the army men and women.

4- One way to celebrate this day is that you can spend your evening by watching the Baseball.

5- You can have the opportunity to attend the Memorial Day Festival.

6- Get to know more by visiting the places that showcase the important historical events.

7- You can visit the National Air and Space Museum to know about the World War 1’s impact.

8- You can also have a chance to visit the Clara Barton Museum.

9- You can enjoy the start of summer by visiting the famous waterfront, home to many hotels.

10- You can visit the Kennedy Centre.