Are you searching for Whens Memorial Day? Here Is The Answer!

Are you interested to know more about the Memorial Day? Well, that’s normal because people start looking for the question Whens Memorial Day in 2019. This happens at the start of May. However, they might find a relevant answer to their question. This article will provide you with enough information that could match your question When’s Memorial Day.

When Is Memorial Day

Whens Memorial Day? A Brief Overview

So, before moving to find the answer for Whens Memorial Day here is the brief overview of its history.

1- American citizens paid tribute to the soldiers of all the wars by 1800

2- This commemoration stated during World War 1.

3- There is a federal holiday on every Memorial Day.

What happens on Memorial Day

On this special occasion, the government waves the flag of the country. This flag is kept at half-mast till 12 noon. It the way of showing sorrow and distress. Furthermore, the people visit the cemeteries and memorial of the soldiers. In addition, the volunteers play their part by placing National flags on the graves.

Memorial Day for the past 5 years

According to the Memorial Day calendar, Memorial Day takes place every last Monday of the month of May. Thus, this celebration is usually an unofficial start of the summer season. We have to keep in mind that the celebration of this day is fixed. Most importantly Memorial Day 2019 will take place on the 28th of May. We can compare the question Whens Memorial Day with the celebration of the past five years.

Memorial Day 2018

People celebrated it on 28th of May.

Memorial Day 2017

People celebrated it on 29th of May

 Memorial Day 2016

These celebrations took place on Monday 30th May.

Memorial Day 2015

People celebrated this day on 25th May.

Memorial Day 2014

People celebrated this day on 26th May.

Memorial Day 2013

This year the commemoration of the Memorial Day fell on 23rd of May on Monday.

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